Personal Licence – Exam Only


  • Complete Online Accredited Exam on your PC/laptop
  • Accredited by UK Awarding Body and Recognized by Local Councils
  • Mock exam provided
  • e-Certificate emailed to you within 3 working days – hard copy available upon request free of charge!
  • This Certificate never expires
  • Free resit if needed

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Online exam of Highfield Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (RQF)

Qualification number: 603/2597/5


Who is the Exam for?

Are you ready to take the next step towards your career goals by obtaining a personal license? Look no further because we offer a streamlined, exam-only approach that allows you to prove your knowledge and skills conveniently from home. Our remote personal license exam is designed for individuals who are self-studied and prepared to demonstrate their expertise. This cost-effective solution includes a valuable mock exam to help you excel on the big day.


Why Choose Our Exam-Only option:


1. Cost-Effective Approach:

We understand that many individuals prefer to study independently or have already completed their coursework elsewhere. Our exam-only option allows you to save on tuition fees, focusing solely on the assessment that leads to your personal license.

2. Comprehensive Mock Exam:

To aid your preparation, we provide a comprehensive mock exam as part of our package. This invaluable resource allows you to gauge your readiness, identify areas of improvement, and build confidence before taking the official exam. 

3. No Study Materials Included:

It’s important to note that our exam-only package does not include study materials or textbooks. This is ideal for those who have already acquired their study materials or prefer to use their preferred resources for exam preparation. If you require study materials and e-learning as a preparation before exam, please check our Online course and Exam package.

4. Convenience and Flexibility:

Our remote personal license exam offers the convenience of taking the test from your chosen location. You can select the exam date and time that aligns with your schedule, providing maximum flexibility to accommodate your life’s demands.

5. Accredited Certification:

Rest assured that our exam is fully accredited, ensuring that your certification is recognized and respected within your industry. This credential will serve as a testament to your dedication and expertise.

6. Support and Assistance:

While this package focuses on the exam itself, our support team is here to assist you with any exam-related inquiries or issues you may encounter. We’re committed to your success throughout your exam journey.

7. Competitive Pricing:

Our exam-only option offers a budget-friendly path to obtaining your personal license. We strive to provide exceptional value without compromising on the quality and security of our exams.


With our exam-only option, you have the opportunity to prove your knowledge and skills without the need for additional tuition or study materials. Take advantage of our comprehensive mock exam and cost-effective approach to demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field. Your future is waiting – unlock it today with our exam-only personal license assessment. Your success begins with us!

Our streamlined process ensures you can take the required exam at your convenience, using any PC or laptop with a webcam. Here’s how it works:

Exam Flexibility:
We offer the flexibility to schedule your personal license exam at a time that suits you. No need to rush or stress about finding a suitable test center; you can take the exam from the comfort of your own home or any location with a PC or laptop equipped with a webcam and good internet connection.

Same-Day Results:
We understand the anticipation that comes with exam results. Rest assured, we provide your exam results on the same day, free of charge. No waiting, no uncertainty – your achievements are recognized promptly.

Registration Process:
To ensure a seamless exam experience, we kindly request at least three working days’ notice to register you with the awarding body. This ensures that all logistics are in place for your exam session, allowing you to focus solely on your performance.

APLH Level 2 Accredited Certificate:
Upon successfully passing your personal license exam, you’ll receive the coveted APLH Level 2 Accredited Certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to your knowledge and readiness to apply for Personal Licence at your local council.

License Application:
With your APLH Level 2 Accredited Certificate in hand, you’re one step closer to obtaining your Personal License. If you are unsure how to do it, or don not like dealing with paperwork yourself, we can help. By using our Application Service, we’ll guide you through the process of submitting your application to the Local Authorities, ensuring you have all the necessary documentation and support to take this final step towards your career goals.

Customer testimonials

Really good course
Really good course, excellent presentation, concise and very informative. Thank you for a really enjoyable day (which I wasn’t excepting) once again thank you.

I had excellent training about alcohol course , we were just in five people so all perfect.

Amazing I passed
Amazing I passed and I’m dyslexic and I struggle that the lady who was teaching on a day was very patient and helped a lot I’ll be using your services again soon thank you

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Additional information


We need 3 working days in advance to book your exam. After the purchase of this product we will contact you with the choice of available dates and times.


We run exams Mon-Fri between 7am – 9pm , Saturday 9am – 2pm. No exams on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


All candidates qualify for one free re-sit if they don’t achieve the qualification at the first attempt

Pass Rate

The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions. You need 28/40 to pass.

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