Over the past 2 weekends, we have been working alongside members of staff from the Good Manors Day Nursery group. We have delived Paediatric First Aid, with a group of 14 attending. We have had a great time supporting each individual. The members of staff learned new knowledge and gained confidence with supporting babies and children in times of need.


Thinking about qualifying in Paediatric First Aid yourself?

Check out our full suite of courses on offer to find the one that best suits you or your colleagues.

Such qualifications are vital for employees in places that interact and care for children. People employed as Nursery Nurses, Room Leaders, Childminders and related professions will greatly benefit from completing this course. They will get to know all the necessary elements of preserving a child’s well-being. If you are:

  • preparing to work
  • already working

in the Childcare industry, this course has been designed by professionals. First of all, you will learn how important Paediatric First Aid is for the Childrens’ well-being. Their welfare is the responsibility of everyone involved in the working environment.

This course is ideal for people preparing for work and employees in places that interact and care for infants and children:

  • Childminders
  • Nursery and pre-school workers
  • Room Leaders
  • Au Pairs and Nannies
  • Sport and leisure workers
  • Parents

All of the topics covered in this Paediatric First Aid course have been evaluated by the Early Years Foundation Stage and confirmed as exceptionally crucial to preventing and treating illness and injuries of infants and children under the care of trained personnel. Participants of the training will undergo a minimum guided learning period of 12 hours, normally completed over 2 days, which is fully compliant with Awarding Body (Highfield ABC), Ofsted, and the EYFS.

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Team GlobeUs