Don’t be undervalued, be exceptional

Hotel Receptionists do an amazing job and yet they are often undervalued by customers and their employers. Creating the right first impression and having the skills and confidence to deliver exceptional customer service doesn’t happen by accident and the best receptionists have these traits in abundance. From the moment customers walk into a hotel they are already making judgements and depending if they are good or bad can be the key to a pleasant stay.  A happy customer will return time after time so it makes sense to provide them with an experience they will enjoy.

Receptionists require a multitude of abilities to deliver the highest possible standards that have to be implemented with a calm assurance. Learning how to understand what your customers want isn’t just about listening but is often much more subtle. Reading body language and understanding changes in tone of voice, thinking on your feet and solving problems before they happen, building relationships and communicating accordingly – receptionists have to be flexible and unflappable.

It is often said that customers will remember bad experiences over good ones which is why the best receptionists are the ones that appear to go unnoticed because they are so efficient.  Of course going above and beyond is a prerequisite and if you can do something that customers genuinely appreciate it will promote you and the hotel far more than any other advertising.