Well, well, well, here we are once more as another month has hurtled by, here to give you an insight into the life of GlobeUs!

October has been our busiest month to date, and we have no intention of slowing down! In a month when CPR has hit the headlines on several occasions, we felt this blog should focus on such an important topic, whilst still giving an overview of the month’s events. We started off October with a CPR course delivered in Polish by our wonderful Director of Quality, Aneta. We absolutely love being able to offer training of any kind to individuals that may not have English as their first language, or who face other barriers, and reiterate often that learning opportunities should be available to everyone – so long as an individual is eager to learn, we have the passion and skills to help. Our Food Safety course on the 3rd October went some way in expanding our promise, and we had the amazing opportunity of delivering the course in Modern Chinese. A completely different course to deliver, but so incredibly rewarding to know that the attendees on the day were able to learn new skills to implement in their working practice. The training was then featured in the Portsmouth News, who ran several articles over the month highlighting the need for improvements in food hygiene practices across several restaurants in the area. Incredibly exciting!

Moving slightly back to CPR, a huge campaign was launched earlier this month by Tesco and St John Ambulance, promoting Baby CPR. With the help of Humpty Dumpty, Tesco have released a babygrow that provides all the life-saving information needed to help remind individuals what to do in an emergency situation. We run courses for Babies and Children First Aid, covering CPR and other emergency situations for infants under 1 and children under 14. Have a look at our page to find out more.

For adults as well as children, the Portsmouth News reported the fantastic story that a new AED device has been installed in Leigh Park Shopping Centre, Havant, following a successful campaign. AEDs are life saving pieces of equipment that can help defibrilate the heart and provide CPR to a casualty. Many are located around the region, often in public spaces, and to hear of new ones being installed is absolutely brilliant! They are truly life-saving and incredibly important to have.

Would you know where to find your nearest one? Or where to look if you are in a new or unfamiliar place? Heart FM posted an article promoting the new Save a Life App released by the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), which details a map pinpointing all the registered AED devices in the local area.

We offer courses specifically on using Defibrillator devices (AEDs) helping to give people the confidence and knowledge to use one, and to help individuals source an AED should they feel it would be beneficial to their workplace (e.g. care homes). Click HERE to learn more and contact us to organise a date.

CPR helps save lives, and shockingly the BBC reported this month that 27 people die every day in the UK because too few of us know CPR. As well as our Babies and Children First Aid, we offer a whole host of different First Aid courses, one of which is a 3-hour CPR-dedicated tutorial, helping to teach attendees the basics of emergency CPR. Why not get in touch if you’d like a session?

Personal Licence has been popular again for us this month, delivering in London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol, the Isle of Wight, and Portsmouth – most courses have had record-breaking numbers! The steady and consistent popularity of the course has enabled us to add more dates and locations due to such popular demand. We’ve been working with a number of businesses privately too, including Novotel in London and Gracellie Hotel on the Isle of Wight, and have now launched public course dates for Personal Licence in these areas to help provide APLH training to as many as possible. We will be extending our geographical coverage as much as we can over the next few months as we want to ensure anyone who wants to learn can do exactly that! Keep an eye on our Personal Licence page for the latest dates and locations for our courses.

Finally, on a more personal note for GlobeUs, we’d like to offer our congratulations to Luke and Aneta for completing the Great South Run on the 23rd October. The 10 mile course is nothing short of a massive challenge, and to say they have achieved this must feel fantastic! I’m sure you will join all of us in saying a massive well done to them both, and we very much look forward to participating in more activities in 2017.

Well, that’s October in a nutshell! As always, we thank everyone for their continued support and passion for training and education, and very much look forward to an exciting November.

With all our best wishes as always,

Team GlobeUs