We love delivering courses (as you may already know!) but did you know we can do them in a variety of languages?

Last week, we delivered CPR training in Polish, and have done a number of events like this for customers in the past, delivering in French, Spanish, German and Russian, alongside Polish and of course English. One thing we have never done though, is a course in Modern Chinese… that was until Monday! Our Quality Director and Trainer Aneta delivered her course to a group of fantastic students this week, with a translator with her to convey the information being taught. All course materials were in Modern Chinese too, with thanks to our amazing awarding body Highfield ABC, who supplied us with the resources.

We love something new!

So there you go! Proof that language truly is no barrier to learning, nor any diversities that you may think will hold you back from learning. Education should be available to all, and it is GlobeUs’ mission to ensure it is! Get in touch with us to see how we can help you or your team.

Team GlobeUs