This weekend was a memorable one for many reasons, including the amazingly sunny and warm spring weather. But for Apprenticeships Manager Ellen, it was rather eventful on Saturday morning! Shopping in her local village, she went into the Sue Ryder charity shop to donate some goods and came across a staff member holding her bleeding head after their industrial bin lid had fallen on her. Ellen is fully First Aid at Work trained through GlobeUs and was able to spring into action to help. Head injuries can be pretty scary and can potentially have serious consequences, so it was fortunate she was there to be able to help. After a quick patch up following a primary survey risk assessment, she advised the lady to attend a Minor Injuries clinic or A&E as soon as possible to be assessed for any complications such as concussion and for the wound to be properly dressed.

It is never nice to think of situations that would require a first aider to be present, and of course we all hope we never come across an emergency that would need us to spring into action, but what an amazing example of how good training can help in an emergency situation! You never know when or where you might need it after all. Are you trained? Would you know what to do or how to help? Certainly food for thought on this sunny Monday morning.

Team GlobeUs

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