“It is the life-saving equipment that saved a shopper’s life in a supermarket aisle.

Now the ambulance service has urged other businesses to install defibrillators in a bid to save lives and praised the quick-thinking staff and members of the public who performed life-saving first aid.

It comes after the Daily Echo reported how an off-duty cardiac nurse, a mental health nurse and Tesco staff performed CPR and used the store’s defibrillator to restart the pensioner’s heart.”

Well, that’s incredible – we speak often about how imperative emergency First Aid skills are, but here is a real-life example of just how such knowledge can help save a person’s life. Defibrillator machines are available all over your local area, often in supermarkets/shopping centres, libraries, community centres, and other public spaces. Would you know where to find one?

And more importantly, would you know how to use one?

We have a specialised course focused on the use of defibrillator machines. Why not get in touch and come along to a course?