Hotel Reception Training

Hotel Reception Training – An Overview

This unique course is designed specifically for those aiming to work in, or who are already in, a hotel reception role. It is ideal if you are new to hotel reception or if you want to enhance existing knowledge and develop your receptionist skills.

This course includes all the key topics that a hotel receptionist will need to deliver exceptional service including arrivals, departures, dealing with complaints, shift duties, telephone skills, operating systems, terminology and customer service.

Whether the hotel is independent or part of a chain, this is the perfect qualification for you as it is focused on exemplary practice that can be applied to any current or future role. We understand that delivering exceptional customer service is the most fundamental part of being a hotel receptionist, and this course will give you the confidence and skills to achieve this.

What will receptionists achieve?

Learners will attend a one day course at a suitable location; this can be requested and booked by contacting us directly. Assessment will take place throughout the course to confirm required learning.

Reception work can be demanding in terms of how varied requests and responsibilities can be. The learner will have to feel comfortable providing hospitality to all visitors and this course will cement this learning, skill set and confidence.

The course will improve an individual’s employability skills and provide the necessary knowledge required to work at any hotel, including those in London or abroad.


Upon successful completion of all modules, attendees will receive a certificate demonstrating their achievement; you will feel comfortable with all of the basic skills a hotel receptionist requires in order to provide a professional service.



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